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In a contemporary world that is driven by creativity, every business requires a tool to create the same.

Yes, you read that right! Videos have become an essential aspect of tech marketing strategies. Not only are videos considered an inevitable part of our personal lives, but they have become a strategic medium for businesses as well.

Don’t believe me? The numbers will convince you otherwise.

  • Every day 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube
  • 16% of videos on YouTube are shared between 11 am and 1 pm every Tuesday
  • YouTube has over 1 billion users
  • Videos generate 1200% more shares than texts
  • Every day, 100 million hours are spent watching videos on Facebook
  • 82% of Twitter users watch videos

Are you convinced yet? Not yet. You are still contemplating why your tech marketing team should invest time and effort in creating videos? To further elucidate on the point, let’s look at some more numbers.

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  • 86% of marketers, both B2B and B2C, use video content
  • 7 out of 10 marketing professionals optimize videos for search engines
  • 81% of marketers feature videos on the brand website for better audience engagement
  • Businesses that use videos experience a 49% increase in their revenue and a 41% increase in traffic 
  • 43% of marketers believe with more resources; they will create more videos
  • 52% of tech marketing professionals use videos for better ROI

Source: Render Forest

Tech marketers believe that using video content as a part of their marketing strategy will flock more customers to their business.

Tech marketing for businesses encompasses marketing strategies with B2B video creation tools.

Marketers believe that it is easy to provide customers with information. They opine that videos allow an informed discussion with the customers. Wider recognition for brands can be expected with the release of smart videos as well.

Experts in the tech marketing landscape are considering this inclination to video as an excellent opportunity to grow. The rate of consumption of video is increasing every month.

But why?

Because of its functional nature, quick information gain and decisive motivating factor. Corporate videos have come under the spotlight for adding creative inputs to business profiles.

The question still remains though. Why do businesses need video? And most importantly, why do companies need video creation tools?

Well, there is no doubt that video creation tools are necessary for businesses. It opens the gateway to creating amazing videos. And we already know how amazingly productive videos can be for companies and B2B marketers.

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Now, when talking about tools, there are several available in the industry. However, there are only a few that stands out.

For your ease, we have highlighted four such fantastic B2B video creation tools that will allow you to craft tech marketing strategies easily.


Animoto has become popular as a B2B video creation tool. This is a powerful video editing tool, which includes a plethora of features. Tech marketers primarily accept Animoto as one of the best video creation tools.

Be it adding a theme or an exciting background, photos or cool texts, the easy-to-use features of Animoto makes the task of creating videos easy. You can also add embellishments to the video for an attractive version.

The most surprising feature that Animoto has- you can add photos and texts to make videos. You don’t need to shoot feature lengths videos to make one when using this tool.


Most videos these days are powered by AI for faster application. And Magisto implements this in the best way possible. The B2B video creation tool has features such as music add-ons, which allows you to add music of your choice.

Accessible from your both desktop and mobile, Magisto takes the idea of video creation to the next level. Also, with a video distribution feature, you can share your creation with the entire team and beyond.


Animaker is a video making tool that has been widely accepted in the B2B landscape. With features such as AI, creating videos becomes easier and time saving.

Since it is a DIY platform, it is a great way to make the videos interesting. From adding ound-effects to pre-animated assets, the options are plenty on this video creation platform.

Graphs and statistical representations can be made seamlessly. However, one drawback posed by the tool is the time limit levied. No videos can be more than 2 minutes, seemingly limiting the options. But Animaker is free and can be an effective tool for creating amazing short videos.

Not so bad!


The popularity of Moovly is well justified. With numerous templates and nearly 200 million video clips, numerous animated items and audio files available, creating videos has never been more convenient. In fact, believe the experts when they say that it even makes video development an exciting work.

You can add voice overs for Moovly as well. Be it an advertisement video or an explainer one, there are readily available icons, clips, graphics and stamps to make your video look interesting.

To Sum It Up

Today, tech marketers are aiming to attain their goals in less time without compromising the quality. In the world of digital tech marketing, videos can act as leverage to attract more customers.

Visual content has a higher chance of engaging audiences. Utilizing the B2B video creation tools appropriately will only boost your business to the epitome of success because that is where the crowd is.

So, use the right video tools and create versions that make your tech marketing strategies useful.

Have any other tools on your mind? Put down your comments below.

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