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Have you ever thought about the cold hands behind your every shopping decisions? Don’t fully blame it on your temptations. Are the decisions influenced by any other persons including your friends, family or even a TV star? The answer will be possibly a “YES.”

Most of your purchasing decisions depend upon the recommendation done by trustworthy people or platforms. So, who are they? As I said before, the influencers are the people you trust.

  • Family Members
  • Friends
  • Favorite Blogger/Vlogger
  • Family Members
  • Celebrities
  • Subject Experts
  • Media

These are the people called the Influencers, who play the key role in “Influencer Marketing.”

So, why is influencer marketing important in Tech Marketing?

There are tons of brands emerging every second across the world. It is hard to stand out from these huge number of competitors. Tech marketing strategies usually depend upon the solid business acumen of the marketer who has the skills and the patience to analyze the essential factors like:

  • Determining the correct platform to market
  • To be in the know-how of the key influencers
  • Build a targeted database of the potential buyers
  • Understanding the competition in the tech market

Influencers are the ideal mediums to make your own identity with a pocket-friendly budget, however, there are some major individuals and entities who would help with your influencer marketing at a high cost. The price that you need to pay mostly depends upon the number of followers they have or the kind of audiences who trust them [the number coud be less]. People trust on user generated content and it is an undeniable facet of the B2B and the B2C tech buyers.

How to find individuals/entities who carry out influencer marketing?

Finding the influencers over the search engine is convenient but, landing on the appropriate one is a difficult task. If in case you do it manually, you need to see that-

  • You put in the right keywords over the search engine comprising of your niche industry along with the words B2B influencer or influencer marketing
  • You go through the testimonials and the kind of content they make and the quality of reach.
  • You don’t get distracted by too many influencers and go for the one who is the most relevant to your tech product

The problems that lie in choosing an influencer marketer without the help of any digital tools is that you would be stuck in the chaos for way too long and you cannot afford to settle for each one of them. There would be a loss in efficiency and effectiveness of the influencer marketing you look forward to take up for your tech product.

New technologies have been changing the face of marketing, and other business processes including the way a business can choose its influencer marketer with tools like-

  • Capterra
  • Upfluence
  • Buzzsumo and so on

Let’s check why influencer marketing can make a huge impact on tech marketers or tech marketing

Convenient and Fast

It’s hard to find a simple b2b marketing strategy which will also work quickly these days. Data collection, market research, and other elements will eat the marketers head without any doubt. Influencer techniques are the best option for the marketers to overcome these hurdles without any pain.

You can easily access the influencers’ details, audience feedbacks over social media, or through the influencer marketing tools mentioned above. Just make sure that you are approaching the suitable influencer for your product/service.

Building Trust

The opinion of a person you trust or adore has more importance than an advertisement in our life. Influencers also work like this. They can leave a positive mark about your products on their followers with the trust and this trust will naturally reflect in the product/service which they are introducing to their customers, and this is one of the facets of influencer marketing that can help you as a tech marketer to pitch your tech product to qualified audience given that the tech influencers resonate with your niche industry.


Who doesn’t need great exposure when it comes to business? Influencers provide popularity and more reach to the products than any other marketing strategies. The relationship between the brand and the influencer gives more authentic and trustworthy publicity to many customers/audiences at a small time period. Influencer platforms like social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn will provide you quite a lot of tech influencers to choose from when it comes to influencer marketing.

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.An effective you Tuber related to your subject can influence his viewers to build trust in your company/product with an appropriate video and in this way the trusted platform or a popular person is acting as a speaker for your company. Influencer marekting can improve your outreach, and also make a positive impression on the customer’s mind.

Target Oriented New Customers

What is the final goal of each marketing strategy rather than gaining more customers? If it is providing you with much more new active customers, what more you can ask now?

Influencers can get you quality leads much faster than a blog or an email. Rather than the traditional marketing strategy, influencer marketing focuses on making someone who does not belong to your company but has a special interest on products/service with a notable number of followers to speak up for your brand.

Imagine that your company is the producer of digital gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, and computers, a tech oriented YouTube vlogger can influence his/her subscribers with a simple review of your products without any doubt.

Brand Imaging

A good marketing strategy can make your products a well-known brand. Gaining more customers and their trust is the big part of brand imaging. If your brand is not popular enough, an influencer can help you to place your brand in the market. The influencer can use the popularity to make the customers believe in your product/company credibility more which will easily make changes in the revenue and popularity of your product.


The immense possibilities of influencer marketing is not ending here. There are tons of other advantages that you can bring in for your B2B tech marketing through the influencer marketing strategy which will enable you to have more conversions for your tech product.

The biggest challenge for the b2b tech marketers is to have a grip on the b2b tech market wherein thousands of replicas are available for one specific tech product. Therefore, every step you take should help you pass through this unavoidable scenario, and influencer marketing is surely one of the saviors for you.

I would love to hear what you think about influencer marketing. Let’s have a conversation about what you think should be included.

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